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Apps for Health set for May 10 & 11 at Mohawk's Fennell Campus

2011_Mohawk Matters_Apps for HealthDid you work out today? Skip breakfast? How’s your blood pressure? Blood glucose level? Is your heart rate within norms?

Of course, you can’t be expected to know all of this at any given moment. But what if you could? What if—wait for it—there was an app for that? Increasingly, the medical profession is turning to smartphone technology to help patients monitor chronic illnesses—saving lives with mobile devices.

The AppsForHealth challenge, founded in 2011, is hosted by Mohawk College and the Centre for Global eHealth Innovation. The two day event is held at Mohawk College in Hamilton Ont. This is an interactive event, providing an opportunity for professionals and students to discuss current trends in the industry while learning more about new emerging technologies, networking with fellow students and businesses and connecting with likeminded individuals, industry experts and health care professionals.

“The AppsForHealth event gives students a chance to showcase their skills to future employers and allows employers to recruit students and to see ideas being developed from the ground up," said event coordinator Christy Taberner.

Students also share resources, ideas and knowledge about how eHealth and mHealth solutions can promote consumer engagement, health promotion and improved health care delivery.

The conference begins May 10, 2012 with panel discussions and facilitated discussions on ehealth and mhealth topics. The first day of the event also features key note speeches from leaders in the health and technology fields, with Dr. Joseph Cafazzo and Robert Cringley. On the second day of the event, May 11, 2012, the student challenge begins.

Each challenge is posted by a health care or non-profit organization. Students are encouraged to form cross discipline teams in order to develop innovative new technological solutions.

Examples of app challenges that students will be working on together include:

How might we use mobile technology to support growth monitoring and counseling
for children under the age of 5 to improve nutrition and reduce child mortality in
developing countries?

How can mobile technology be used to streamline dermatology consultations in the
primary care setting?

Visit www.appsforhealth.ca for more information.