09:59 AM

Breaking the Wood Ceiling

Can wood buildings reach higher? The answer is yes.

With today’s advances in engineered wood technology, high-rise wood buildings can reach seven stories in the United Kingdom. In Germany, Norway and Sweden, there are no limits. Yet in Ontario, and most of Canada, wood buildings can only go four stories according to building codes.

Wood is the only major renewable building material. It’s environmentally friendly and best of all; it is one of Canada’s greatest natural resources. With wood as the building material of choice, it is easy to “buy locally” and support regional economics.

Michael Green is a leading Canadian architect and very strong advocate of wood construction; especially when it comes to high rise buildings. Michael will be at Mohawk College's Fennell Campus on Wednesday, Nov. 21 to talk about the use of wood in building construction. Admission is free and all are welcome. The event will be held during Common Hour (Noon – 1 p.m.) in the McIntyre Performings Arts Centre.

Outside guests are also welcome, but please note that you will be required to pay for parking.