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Child and Youth Worker students host free Spaghetti Supper this Friday

High school seniors in the region and across the province can have Down With Webster perform at their June prom through a new College Sounds Great contest launched today by Colleges Ontario.

The contest encourages teens to describe why college education is an excellent postsecondary option. The top 10 high schools with the largest share of entries will be finalists for the contest with one of Canada's top recording acts.

"What could be better than encouraging students to pursue higher education and getting to relive our own high school proms with a performance at yours,” said Tyler Armes of Down With Webster.

 “This is a great opportunity to get students thinking about their options after high school,” said Linda Franklin, the president and CEO of Colleges Ontario. “It challenges students to be creative and to learn more about higher education and the full range of programs available to students today.”

Students can enter the contest by submitting a photo and a 50 to 250-word paragraph, or by making a video, explaining why “college sounds great.” Entries will be submitted on the website, www.collegesoundsgreat.com.

The College Sounds Great contest is part of the Ontario colleges’ ongoing effort to encourage students to explore the range of postsecondary programs available at both college and university, and to choose programs that best suit their interests and strengths. Colleges offer a wide range of programs in a number of areas, including business, advertising, health care, IT, the culinary arts, the skilled trades, and much more.