13:03 PM

Congratulations Ali

Ali Cheaib, Mohawk's Coordinator of Immigrant and Diversity Projects, received the 2009 World Citizenship Award from the Hamilton Mundialization Committee. The award recognizes Ali's work as the cofounder of the Hamilton Arab Muslim & Jewish Dialogue Committee. Ali, who is also a writer, speaker, community leader and peace builder, was was instrumental in bringing Judea Pearl, the father of the murdered Jewish journalist Daniel Pearl, and Islamic scholar Akbar Ahmed to Hamilton for a presentation on the division between Jews and Muslims and the dialogue necessary to overcome them. At Mohawk, Ali leads the Colleges' participation in the Colleges Integrating Immigrants to Employement (CIITE) Project.

The City of Hamilton became the first World (Mundialized) City in North America in 1968. The commitment of Mundialization is based on a belief in the interdependence of people around the world, and that future peace and progress are dependent on cooperation, goodwill and understanding. The Mundialization Committee facilitates and supports peace intiatives and twinning relationships between the City of Hamilton and 10 twin-cities around the world.