09:02 AM

Congratulations to Mohawk's Business Financial Services students

For the second year in a row, professor Christine DiCarlo has put her Business Financial Services students to work in booking appointments for Canadian Blood Services and honing their cold calling skills.

This year's class of 40 students booked 344 appointments (an average of 8.6 appointments per student) and 242 clients went to Canadian Blood Services to donate blood (an average of 6.05 visits per student). And of the 242 clients who went to Canadian Blood Services, 143 units of blood were donated for a success rate of 59 per cent. Canadian Blood Services had set a target of 50 per cent.

Last year, 34 Financial Services students booked 220 appointments (an average of 6.4 appointments per student) and 146 clients went to the blood donor clinic (an average of 4.29 students).

Christine, who's in her second year of teaching at Mohawk after a career in the financial services industry, created the living lab opportunity with Canadian Blood Services to meet the need of employers who want college graduates with cold calling experience.

Top performers this year were Financial Services students Kevin Huyhn (22 appointments), Breanna Ehman (18), Aleksandra Rakic (17), Kayleigh Kraguljac (16) and Genet Wolemariam (15). Christine had set a target of 5 appointments for each student.