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Distinguished Fellows


Mohawk names two Distinguished Fellow recipients 

“Mohawk is proud to recognize two remarkable individuals who have made profound contributions to the college

and to the communities we serve.”

Ron McKerlie,

President, Mohawk College


Distinguished Fellows are recognized for their outstanding professional

achievement and expert status in their profession. They are respected

within the communities served by our college, and beyond. They each

make valuable contributions to Mohawk in key ways, including academic

advisement, student engagement, community outreach and strategic

advisement to Mohawk’s senior leadership team.

Bertha Skye is of the Cree Nation, born in Northern Saskatchewan, and lives

on Six Nations of the Grand River. Bertha serves as an Elder in Residence at

Mohawk College where she provides learning in an Indigenous and holistic

way by sharing stories, teachings, traditional crafts and cooking lessons. Her

presence enhances students’ experience during their educational journey.

Bertha’s guidance and kindness support students and staff in a meaningful

way, helping to broaden the understanding of Indigenous culture and

experience. Bertha’s passion for cooking led her to the 1992 World Culinary

Olympics as part of a team of Indigenous chefs. Competing against 14,000

other chefs, the team won the most medals of any other team including the

Grand Gold.

Distinguished Fellow – Honorary Diploma


Dr. Ross Finnie is a Professor in the Graduate School of Graduate and

International Affairs at the University of Ottawa. Dr. Finnie has been a research

partner with Mohawk College for five years, and has authored several reports

that have helped Mohawk better understand our students and the drivers of

student success. He has worked closely with Mohawk to develop a predictive

model that is the first of its kind in Canada. The model will help Mohawk

identify and support students most at-risk of leaving college early. Dr. Finnie

has brought Mohawk into provincial and national research projects, and he

has promoted Mohawk nationally as a leader in student success and, most

importantly, he has helped Mohawk build its capacity to support students.

Distinguished Fellow – Adjunct Professor