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Entrepreneurial and innovative students and staff invited to first Innovation Night of 2011

President Rob MacIsaac today announced that Mohawk has launched 10 pilot projects based on staff ideas on how to make the college an even better place to learn and work. The suggestions were put forward by faculty, support and administrative staff during last year's Simply the Best workshops. The cross-functional teams spearheading the projects are test-driving a new approach to project management to be used with all future initiatives at the college. Teams will showcase their work and share lessons learned during a special event later this Spring. Regular features on each of the pilot projects will be posted on Mohawk Matters during the next 10 weeks. For more on the pilot projects, contact Carol Mushing. Along with launching the pilot projects, Mohawk is strengthening internal communications and employee recognition based on staff feedback from the Simply the Best workshops.

Download President's Memo on Simply the Best Project Teams

Pilot project overview:

  1. How to encourage the sharing of ideas and information within the School of Interdisciplinary studies resulting in increased communication, reducing duplication and as a result, enhancing services to students (team leader Jim Jones).

  2. How to support part time faculty in the consistent delivery of the BScN curriculum (team leader Mary Guise)

  3. How to ensure consistent application of a revised student code of conduct (team leader David Buryta).

  4. How to ensure consistent application of a revised academic honesty policy (team leader David Buryta).

  5. How to ensure effectiveness in the recommendation of a student complaint process (team leader Lorraine Skuse)

  6. How to create a structured system that allows students and staff to input and build actionable ideas related to the college and community (team leader Pamela Hensley).

  7. How to develop a turn-key process to transition courses and programs to blended learning (team leader Peggy French)

  8. How to establish an international student exchange program and  attract more international students by 2014 (team leader Leo Barsony).  

  9. How to develop a business case for a revenue-generating living lab within the Public Safety & Security and Health Wellness and Fitness program (team leader Jo-Anne Procter). 

  10. How to improve communications amongst support, faculty and administration staff at STARRT (team leader Wayne Ostermaier).