13:07 PM

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Mohawk President Rob MacIsaac delivered the morning keynote address at the Learning to Earning: Higher Education and the Changing Job Market conference presented by the Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario. The council is an independent advisory agency funded by the Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges & Universities to provide recommendations for improving quality, accessibility, inter-institutional transfer, system planning, and effectiveness in higher education in Ontario.

In his speech, Rob outlines the role community colleges can play in transforming postsecondary education in the province and the need for colleges and universities to work together in rethinking and rebooting higher ed.

"A proactive process involving Universities, Colleges, and students could have a big impact on government policy," said Rob. "Leadership and election platforms are in development right now. Why not present a path forward developed jointly by leadership from our colleges and universities?

"At Convocation, I always remind our graduating students of their obligation and responsibility to make a difference. To step up and lead. To find the courage and the conviction to chart their own path. And to help create a better tomorrow.

"It is a message equally applicable to all of us. Given the forces that are at play and the opportunities within our reach, we owe it to our students, their future employers, and to the citizens of Ontario to practice what we teach."

2012 HEQCO Keynote Address by Mohawk President Rob MacIsaac