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MEDIA RELEASE: Government of Canada invests $2.2 million in energy technology applied research project at Mohawk College

The Hon. Gary Goodyear meets students of Mohawk College's iDeaWORKS applied resaerch and innovation lab.Mohawk College is launching an applied research project in energy technology with a second major grant from the Government of Canada.

Mohawk is receiving more than $2.2 million over five years through the College and Community Innovation Program.  Mohawk is one of 18 community colleges across Canada to receive more than $13 million in total funding from the program. 

The Innovation Enhancement Grant will support a new Research Centre in Energy Technology at Mohawk College. The centre will launch an applied research project aimed at solving the challenges of connecting emerging small-scale localized power generation technologies, including solar panels and wind turbines, with existing power grids.

The applied research project will include the construction of a microgrid (a localized power grid) to test power generation, distribution, protection protocols and intelligent energy systems management.  The Mohawk College Applied Research Centre in Energy Technology will carry out the applied research project in partnership with Horizon Utilities, General Electric, Scheweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Langford and associates Incorporated – Schneider, Fuseforward International Inc. and McMaster University.

“Mohawk congratulates the Government of Canada for investing in applied research at community colleges,” says President Rob MacIsaac. ““Applied research projects offer students unique learning experiences and deliver innovative solutions for our industry partners. Together, we’re bringing new products and services to market that create jobs and build prosperity here in the Greater Hamilton Area and across the country.”

Mohawk's Justin Fyfe (l) gives a demo of the Surface computer to the Hon. Gary Goodyear and MP David Sweet.In June 2009, Mohawk received a $2.3 million College and Community Innovation Program grant to launch the Mohawk College Applied Research Centre in Health Informatics. The research centre is building and testing the first working prototype of a national electronic health records solution.

“The Government of Canada’s College and Community Innovation Program served as the catalyst for our industry collaborations and contributions to the emerging field of health informatics,” says Ted Scott, Mohawk’s Chief Innovation Officer. “With our new Applied Research Centre in Energy Technology, we intend to make a similar contribution by working with industry to adopt and integrate clean and renewal energy sources.”

Students, faculty and staff are currently working with industry partners on more than 40 applied research projects coordinated by Mohawk iDeaWORKS. The projects are coordinated by Mohawk iDeaWORKS which collaborates with small to medium-sized enterprises, private, non-profit and government organizations to promote innovation, productivity and competitiveness.