09:31 AM

Mohawk College appoints David Graham, Vice President, Finance

The following announcement was made yesterday afternoon by Mohawk College President Rob MacIsaac:

"Maureen Adamson has informed me she will be leaving Mohawk College to join the Canadian Cystic Fibrosis Foundation as their new Chief Executive Officer.

Maureen joined the College just over a year ago as Vice President, Corporate Services Group. In the short time she has been here she has been a tremendous change leader and champion, and has brought additional rigour and accountability to many of our processes. Her strategic approach to planning and her drive for continuous improvement have strengthened the Corporate Services Division and the entire College. Perhaps her greatest achievement has been the development of a strong Corporate Services Division leadership team. I sincerely wish her well in her exciting new opportunity.

My first preference always is to have open competitions for vacant positions. However, there are also occasions where the College has to consider its talent management strategy, and I believe this is one of them. I do not want to lose the momentum of change that we have established, so I have offered David Graham a new position titled Vice President, Finance, and he has accepted. David is smart, passionate, and has a profound understanding of the business of Mohawk College. He has many years’ experience in strategic roles within the broader public sector, and holds a Masters of Business Administration, Finance and Strategic Management from the University of Windsor. David will now sit on the Mohawk Executive Group.

For an interim period to support the numerous transitional changes at the Executive level, I have created a new and temporary position titled Senior Vice President, Corporate Services. I have asked Bob Carrington to take on this role for a period of one year. Bob has acted as Vice President Corporate Services for the College previously and has had a long and successful career in public service. Bob will work with David and the entire Corporate Services Group over the next year to successfully implement many of the initiatives begun over the past year. He will also work to assist David in his transition to the role of VP, Corporate Services at the conclusion of his one year term.

I am excited to have David on the Executive Group and believe he has an extraordinary future here at Mohawk and in the College Sector.

Please join me in congratulating Maureen, David and Bob on their new roles."

Rob MacIsaac