11:59 AM

Mohawk College receives $800,000 from new College-Industry Innovation Fund

Mohawk College is investing $800,000 from the Canada Foundation for Innovation's new College-Industry Innovation Fund to establish the Mohawk eHealth Development and Innovation Centre (MEDIC) at the Fennell Campus.

Mohawk is one of 17 colleges, cégeps and polytechnics from across Canada to share in $15.3 million in funding in support of applied research projects with more than 300 industry partners.

"Canada's colleges, cégeps and polytechnics play an important role as we forge ahead with Canada's innovation agenda," said Minister of State Gary Goodyear. "Innovation needs to be a central focus - from the research laboratory to the production floor. It is the key to maintaining our country's position as a global economic leader."

"Canadian colleges are lending their expertise to local companies, helping them to compete and grow," said Dr. Gilles G. Patry, CFI President and CEO. "The CFI is ensuring that colleges have in place specialized facilities to support their role as important hubs of economic growth and job creation."

"The Mohawk eHEalth Development and Innovation Centre will help businesses, with a special focus on small and medium enterprises, to launch and commercialize innovative new healthcare IT products and services," said Ted Scott, Mohawk's Chief Innovation Officer. "MEDIC will also serve as a hub for organizations undertaking interconnected healthcare projects. Our centre will house the technology needed to provide clients with a live, working eHealth ecosystem, plus the know-how and industry contacts they'll need to develop and commercialize new eHealth products."