14:03 PM

Mohawk’s first live waste audit took place yesterday at Fennell Campus

Waste audit

In a partnership with the Sustainability Office and the MSA, three fourth semester Environmental Technology students undertook Mohawk's first live waste audit as part of a research project aimed at examining the Composting Program currently in place at the Student Centre.

Zvezdan (Tom) Petrovic, Adom Bouchard, and Chris Chevrier are completing the audit as part of their Environmental Projects class taught by Don Shaw. As part of the class, the students must to act as consultants, taking on a practical research project and developing a thorough report based on their findings.

When the research is complete the students will present the MSA with a comprehensive report analyzing the benefits and overall impact of the existing composting program, and including a set of recommendations for expanding and improving the Composting Program.

“The Sustainability Office is proud to foster these partnerships, which not only create hands-on learning experiences for Mohawk students, but also increase awareness of the many sustainable initiatives on campus,” says  Alan Griffiths, Mohawk’s environmental sustainability specialist.

Visit the Sustainability Office website at www.mohawkcollege.ca/environmental-sustainability to see what else is happening in the Mohawk community.