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Momentum - Working as One

Mohawk College and McMaster University began offering innovative joint programs 20 years ago that have established track records of success

Students in a range of programs attend Mohawk College and McMaster University at the very same time, earning both an advanced diploma and a degree.

The 20-year relationship in delivering joint programs is built on the “underlying premise that we are stronger together than we are alone,” said Alison Horton, Mohawk’s Vice President Academic.

“In careers combining both pure and applied components, such as nursing, medical radiation sciences, and technology, the partnership between the college and university provides a powerful and seamless education,” said McMaster President David Farrar.

The two institutions offer joint full-time programs in Medical Radiation Sciences, Bachelor of Science Nursing, Early Childhood Education, Bachelor of Applied Science Human Behaviour – Autism and Behavioral Science Specialization, and Bachelor of Technology.

“Because we recognize the strength of coming together and the strength in the differences in the two organizations, our partnership has a huge impact on our learners,” said Wendy Lawson, Dean of Health and Community Services.

At the Institute for Applied Health Sciences, which is jointly owned and operated by Mohawk and McMaster, students get access to leadingedge simulation suites and equipment. Shared programs also offer experiential learning, extensive field placements, and exposure to research opportunities allowing learners to show their agility, problem-solving, resilience and persistence.


Pictured: Alison Horton, Vice President Academic and Wendy Lawson, Dean School of Health and Community Services

Cindy Van Dyk, a fourth-year Medical Radiation Sciences student who is specializing in ultrasound, says she was drawn to the joint program because of “the credentials and established reputation,” the learning facilities at IAHS, and the opportunities for clinical field placements.

“I find that Mohawk and McMaster do a really great job at making the program seamless. It all works so well together and it’s so cohesive and well built. It seems effortless in the delivery. It really is two schools working as one.”

The joint programs have track records of success, says Lawson. “They are oversubscribed, and have high retention rates and high employment rates for graduates. We hope to grow the number of collaborative programs we offer because they are so successful.”