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Supporting local start-up automate and monitor its heating recovery process

Mohawk College played an important role  in a pilot project to recover and re-use theboiler that lowers both operational costs and carbon emissions.

Mohawk faculty, staff and students in the Energy & Power Innovation Centre (EPIC), under the direction of General Manager Mariano Arriaga, helped technology developer Carbon Cap Inc. automate the heat recovery system, create the Human-Machine Interface (HMI), set a remote monitoring system, and analyze the system performance.

Boilers exhaust gases at about 160°C. Capturing that heat and putting it to good use boosts the efficiency of the system, says Raphael Kolenko of Carbon Cap Inc.

He says there is “so much value all the way around” in his company’s partnership with Mohawk.

“Mohawk has a great reputation for rolling up its sleeves and getting things done.”

Students Kevin Wazny and Jaydeep Prajapati worked on the system automation, installation and commissioning supervised by Professor Rubaid Khan; while Bassam Assaf worked on remote communication, data acquisition and running tests to ensure system performance under the guidance of project manager Zahraa Khalil.

“This has been a very hands-on project. It matched together the theory of my classes with the practical very well,” said Bassam Assaf, an Energy Engineering Technologist student.

“It’s a very rich experience for students. They are working on real-life projects and solving problems as they go,” said Zahraa Khalil.

The system was automated during the Fall 2018 and has been extensively tested in a mock-up boiler in Ancaster during Winter 2019.

The project has received funding from the Ontario Centres of Excellence and a Bloom clean technology grant.