13:00 PM

Students, Staff and Community invited to comment on Fennell Campus Sustainable Landscape Plan

Mohawk invites students, staff, faculty and community members to comment on the development of a sustainable landscape plan for the College. An Open House will take place on Wednesday, Feb. 25 between Noon and 2 p.m. to introduce students, staff and community members to the project and seek their input.

The Sustainable Landscape Plan is the latest campus enhancement project at Mohawk College Fennell Campus. The Plan includes enhancing exterior space in support of greater environmental sustainability and more effective use and enjoyment of campus grounds. The Plan illustrates Mohawk`s commitment to community, sustainability, active and alternative transportation and is a celebration of Mohawk's diversity.Consultation with students, staff and community members will establish the needs and a vision for a phased landscape plan while incorporating actions of the Environmental Management Plan 2.0, Mohawk's blueprint for sustainability.

The Sustainable Landscape Plan includes:

  • Enhancing the pedestrian realm and promoting a pedestrian-first campus

  • Connecting with transit and alternative forms of transportation

  • Connecting the campus with new features and landscape improvements

  • Increased food production and an expansion to the Community Garden

  • Creation of an Aboriginal Gathering Place

  • Sustainable features, e.g. storm water management

Brook McIlroy, an award-winning architecture, urban design, landscape architecture and planning firm will assist Mohawk College in the preparation of the Sustainable Landscape Plan.

The Sustainability Office team is be happy to answer any questions about this exciting project.