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Mohawk advertising students get creative with litter

Chandelle King got the idea for her viral video assignment while walking to and from Mohawkl.

"I walk back and forth to campus every day and I am physically hit with trash all the time," says Chandelle, explaining how she got the a class assignment on creating a viral video around an issue that is important to them.

The third-year Advertising and Marketing Communications Management student says dodging flying trash on the windy west mountain is a common occurrence on her daily trek to and from campus. And it's a problem that seems to be much worse the closer you are to city bus shelters, she adds.

"There's a simple solution," says Chandelle. "Put trash bins at bus shelters and you'll give people a place to put their garbage. Right now, there's no trash bins around bus shelters. You can walk an entire street on the west mountain without seeing a trash bin."

When her third-year Interactive Portfolio class was given the assignment to create a video that could go viral Chandelle knew exactly the issue she was going tackle. She wanted to shed light on the amount of litter on Hamilton streets and hopefully do something about it at the same time.

Chandelle and her classmates Eric Kosteinik, Chris Hitchings and Chiara Campli got to work collecting trash off Hamilton streets. They then turned the trash into art and put the pieces back on the street with a simple message to share via social media using the hashtag #Trash2Art and asking people to sign their Change.org petition.

Once the petition reaches 100 signatures, Chandelle says it will go to the Mayor's office where she hopes it will result in getting trash bins placed at city bus shelters.

"I don't know why they wouldn't do it," she says. "It's a small step towards making Hamilton a more attractive place to live."

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