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From left: Alvaro Concha, Trade Commissioner for the Nation of Columbia, Hamilton Mayor Fred Eisenberger and Bob Seguin, Direcor of Economic Development for the Region of Niagara, say they will continue to take advantage of the connections made during the 2015 Pan Am Games to encourage economic development opportunities between the two regions and the Nation of Columbia.

The 2015 Pan Am Games have provided a significant opportunity to the Hamilton-Niagara Region for economic development – both from a short-term and long-term perspective. Both municipalities have taken advantage of the opportunity, working together to develop a detailed “Playbook” of programs and events designed to promote investment, trade and provide exposure to companies within this Region.

Mohawk hosted Pan Am Investment Playbook events, including the announcement with Columbia that took place on Tuesday, July 21. The College looks forward to working with the City of Hamilton to pursue economic development opportunities that come from the games being hosted in Ontario.