12:34 PM

Access Event Flyer

Congratulations to the 11 faculty, staff and teams who received Mohawk Awards of Excellence during the 2013 President’s Breakfast.

The award recipients were nominated by their colleagues for going above and beyond in making Mohawk an even better place to learn and work. Nominations were then reviewed by committees from Mohawk's academic, student and corporate service areas.

2013 Mohawk Awards of Excellence recipients:

Professor Charles Honey for his outstanding support of students in Mohawk’s Electrical, Fuels and Green Technology program.

Associate Dean Chris Blackwood for his leadership with students, faculty and staff in Building and Construction Sciences.

Professor Jennifer Lisac, the “heart and soul” of Mohawk’s Diagnostic Cardiac Sonography program

Valerie Mitanoff for outstanding work with Mohawk’s iDeaWORKS team and Centre of Teaching and Learning

Professor Craig Cooke, an invaluable and innovative member of Mohawk’s mathematics faculty.

Rob McInnis for creating Mohawk’s customer relationship management and enrolment planning and analysis tools.

Ron Taylor, a driving force on the largest campus renewal project in Mohawk’s history.

Linda Epplet for her commitment to welcoming and supporting Mohawk’s nearly 2,000 international students.

Professor Marco Felvus, who was instrumental in developing Mohawk’s new Centre for Social Inclusion

iPad Pilot Team for responding to the needs of employers and putting technology of students at Mohawk’s skilled trades campus.

  • Doug Daniels

  • Bernt Newiger

  • Robert Deeks

  • Shantal Woolsey

  • Andrew Connery

  • Troy Heath

  • Jenn Horwath

  • Sean Coffey

  • Warren Gresco

  • Jeffrey Howard

  • Shaun Iles

  • Keith Monrose

  • Laura Side

  • Richard Dupp, and

  • Toby Merritt

International Women’s Day organizing committee for engaging students in on-campus celebrations of the achievements and contributions of women.

  • Sue Prestedge

  • Leif Peng

  • Debra Pearson

  • Pat MacDonald

  • Kelly Dunham

  • Tracy Kadish

  • Wendy Makey

  • Rebecca Costie

  • Patricia Bradbury

  • Ann Bennett

  • Emma Davies

  • Laura Side

  • Pamela Stadden

  • Elisabeth Leiss-McKellar

  • Anne King

  • Colleen Berry

  • Brian Willrich

  • Peter Maurin, and

  • Scott Kenney

The 11 Mohawk Awards of Excellence recipients were then in the running for the 2013 President’s Award. This year, the award went to:

  • Ron Taylor

  • iPad Pilot Team

  • International Women’s Day organizing committee