13:34 PM

Accessible Web Maps - Research explained

Research partners Sparkgeo has worked with the Accessibility Research Lab at Mohawk College to conduct user-testing with people who are blind and partially sighted. They tested how they perceive and understand sites that display web maps and the maps themselves through the assistive technology they use.

ideaworks department sign on a hallway wallThe company recently updated their findings in a blogpost about the partnership's work. Accessible Web Maps – Part II

"The amazing team at Mohawk College put together a highlight reel of the user-testing as well as a report on the methods and results. The 14-minute highlight reel talks about the four key principles of the WCAG, and shows clips of the user-testing related to those principles."

Check out the video if you would like to better understand the challenges facing blind and partially sighted people when they try to navigate online.