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AI company, College partner to launch a new carbon-measuring tool for construction projects

Companies will be able to measure, benchmark and monitor the carbon footprint of projects

Construction activities are one of the leading contributors to greenhouse gas emissions worldwide but monitoring the industry’s carbon footprint can be challenging.

A recent applied research collaboration between Mohawk College and Alberta-based technology company, Mavryck Inc., has produced a new tool, called Vivclima, to help construction companies create an emission baseline and make plans to reduce their carbon footprints.

ideaworks skyscape of HamiltonAs an Artificial Intelligence (AI) software company, Mavryck Inc provides clients with advanced project management and tracking tools to better plan, mitigate and implement construction projects and increase their project management maturity. Mavryck partnered with Mohawk’s applied research Energy and Power Innovation Centre (EPIC) and Centre for Climate Change Management (CCCM) to develop and integrate a carbon footprint calculation feature into the company’s project management platform.

 “Working with Mohawk College has helped us build the Vivclima feature, connecting it to our core AI capabilities, and provided value in the form of reducing the carbon footprint of our potential clients,” said Munir Khan, CEO of Mavryck Inc. “As a result, construction companies in Canada will be able to accurately monitor their carbon footprint and adhere to government regulatory guidelines on their projects’ greenhouse emissions.”

CCCM and EPIC worked with the company to develop the framework and structure of the Vivclima feature, including creating:

  • A strategy to systematically tackle carbon emissions in construction projects.
  • Carbon emission estimates based on Mavryck’s project management approach and input data.
  • Relevant emission factors database related to the construction sector.
  • Predicting carbon emissions including potential tax rebates.

“We are glad to be working with Mavryck Inc. on this progressive project. As Canada continues to move towards net-zero goals, reducing the environmental impact of construction projects will be an important consideration for builders and its customers,” said EPIC General Manager Dr. Mariano Arriaga. “Adding environmental aspects to Mavryck’s AI-based tools, construction companies will be able to estimate and quantify their environmental impact at different project stages and identify measures that can help reduce their carbon footprint and potentially jointly reduce construction costs. In the long-term, this information will help create benchmarks that will further help identify opportunities.”

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