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ARIE Funded Projects


ARIE funded projects showcase Mohawk's commitment to innovation 

2017-2018 ARIE funded projects showcase Mohawk’s commitment to innovation

At Mohawk College, we are committed to providing solutions to our community. That’s why this year’s Applied Research and Innovation in Education (ARIE) fund is supporting eight projects which aim to develop innovative solutions to community, industry and educational problems.

The 2017-2018 cohort of researchers demonstrate that Mohawk faculty are leaders in outside-the-box thinking, collaborative problem-solving, and innovation. The projects span fields and departments; from electrical engineering to counselling, and from skilled trades to community services. The projects showcase the power of partnerships and Mohawk’s conviction that we always do better working with others. Projects include academic partnerships with other institutions, industrial partnerships, and community-based collaborations.

Mohawk’s ARIE researchers show a commitment to the College’s “Future Ready” mission, creating opportunities for innovation in education and research.

The following are projects and faculty funded by the 2017-18 ARIE fund.

Applied Research

Project: An Online Smart Microgrid Energy Monitoring and management System

Project Lead: Ahmed Abouarkoub (Electrical Engineering Technology)

Dean: David Santi

Associate Dean: Elizabeth Pietrantonio

Academic Partner: McMaster University


Project: Transformer Neutral

Project Lead: Laith Al-Musawi, Electrical Engineering

Dean: Davis Santi

Associate Dean: Elizabeth Pietrantonio

Project: Investigating electric power load shifting using smart battery-operated LED light bulbs

Project Lead: Peter Basl, Electrical & Computer Engineering

Dean: David Santi

Associate Dean: Elizabeth Pietrantonio

Industry Partner: Dundas Dental Care.

Project: Inclusivity for Mohawk Women in Skilled Trades

Project Lead: Rebecca Isowa, Continuing Education & Doug Daniels, Industrial and Motive Power & Apprenticeship

Dean: Alison Horton

Associate Dean: Daniel McKerrall

Community Partners: YWCA Hamilton, Vicano Construction

Project: Wind Turbine Research Project

Project Lead: Rubaid Khan, Energy Systems Engineering Technology

Dean: David Santi

Associate Dean: Elizabeth Pietrantonio

Industry Partner: Dram Electric Co. Ltd.

Project: Detection of Motor Seizures using Wireless Body Area Network

Project Lead: Mini Thomas, Electrical & Computer Engineering

Dean: David Santi

Associate Dean: Elizabeth Pietrantonio

Innovation in Education

Project: Counselling Interventions for Academic Upgrading Students and Effects on Student Retention and Success

Project Lead: Lisa Alfano & Cheryl Richesin, Academic Upgrading

Dean: Jim Vanderveken

Associate Dean: Emily Ecker

Project: Sustainable Field Simulations Centre: Phase 1

Project Lead: Amy OCampo, Sonya Bramwell, School of Human Services

Dean: Neil McMahon

Associate Dean: Kim Ann Laush


Additional Projects through the Vice President Academics office 

Project: 3D Reality Capture for Building Design and Construction 

Project Lead: Rebecca Beatty 


Project: Using 3D Animation to Optimize Visuals, Scenes and Objects in HoloLens Mixed Reality 

Project Lead: Geoff Graham 


Project: Community Engagement in Field Learning (CEFL)

Project Lead: Susan Kalles 


Project: Mohawk College and Eva Rothwell Resource Centre's Imagination Library Project (Hamilton's Imagination Library)

Project Lead: Kathy Kemp 


Project: Engineering Math Proficiency

Project Lead: Frosina Stojanovska


Project: Building Culture for Kids in the Arts into Human Services Cirriculum

Project Lead: Malorie Valade 


Check back for more informtation on each of the projects.