15:28 PM

Behind the scenes tour of Mohawk College's Fennell Renewal Project

Mohawk Students' Association President Kat Cullen offers this behind-the-scenes tour of the new Centre for Entrepreneurship, Learning and Innovation. The centre is part of the largest campus renewal project in Mohawk's history. The centre, which is on time, on budget and is an accident free construction site, is scheduled to open later this fall.

The centre will serve as the new front door for the Fennell Campus, with a library, learning commons and classrooms. The centre is also a showcase for environmental sustainability, with a living green wall indoors and solar panels, green roof and rainwater recycling system outdoors.

The video, shot and edited by Mohawk students Zachary Cowley and Carrie-Anne Shearer, debuted at the 2010 Mohawk President's Breakfast.