12:40 PM

Bon Voyage!


1st Global Experiences trip departs for Greece

Twelve students and three faculty departed Mohawk's Fennell Campus this morning for a two-week trip to Greece where they will volunteer at the Ritsona Refugee Camp. The camp sits 20 minutes away from the beautiful city of Chalkida, Greece. Formerly an air force base, the Ritsona Refugee Camp was funded by the United Arab Emirates and the Red Cross to address the influx of migrants that began entering Greece in 2015. The students will work at a distribution centre managed by a not-for-profit called Cross-Cultural Solutions (CCS). The centre provides camp residents with clean water, clothing, tea, and milk. Mohawk has partnered with CCS to give students the opportunity to work at the centre. The students will be under the direction CCS’s Refugee program and faculty from Mohawk throughout their two-week stay.