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Call for Support


Thunder Man

Mohawk College student Tristan Scott passed away on March 30, 2023 - 2 weeks before finishing his Chemical Engineering degree. The College offered support for friends, classmates and employees who were affected by Tristan’s death, and the Indigenous Student Services Department honoured Tristan with a Sacred Fire at the request of two Indigenous classmates. It was during the ceremony led by Elder Jim Fox from Wiikwemkoong First Nation on Manitoulin Island, Tristan received the name "Thunder Man".

The Indigenous Student Services Department offered the space, the fire, the Elder, the Firekeeper, an Indigenous Counsellor, and sacred tobacco, sage, cedar and sweet grass. After the event, Tristan’s family knew they wanted to give back.

When Tristan passed away, the family created the #tristanmadrespectproject and asked others to honor Tristan by performing a Random Act of Kindness - something he did every day. Tristan’s family wants to continue to honor Tristan by fundraising for the community at Mohawk College.  In honor of Tristan's birthday, the family is asking for donations  to be made to the Mohawk College Foundation. Money raised through the Foundation will be explicitly directed to Indigenous Student Services to support Indigenous students with specific needs.

”Thank you so much in advance to those who have donated. ”Mad Respect,” as Tristan would say. We never thought that the Indigenous Community at Mohawk, students, and staff, would lovingly embrace us as unconditionally as they have. Thank you, Mohawk Indigenous Community, and Happy Birthday, Thunder Man!” -- The Scott Family.

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