21:52 PM

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Notice to motorists entering the Fennell Campus from West 5th and Fennell Ave:

To help alleviate traffic congestion along Fennell Avenue and West 5th, Mohawk College asks that motorists approach the campus so they can enter using a right turn. This will help prevent traffic from backing up due to vehicles waiting to enter from a left turn lane, and during peak periods the left turn lanes may be closed.

To avoid making a left turn into the campus motorists should approach the campus from the north along West 5th and from the west along Fennell Avenue.

Please consider the following tips when crossing the picket line:


  • Public places – ie sidewalks or roads adjacent to the employer’s premises.

  • Public thoroughfares CANNOT be blocked.

  • Picketing on private property is not allowed.

 Here are some tips for crossing a picket line:

  • Walk – or drive carefully through the picket line.  Respect the picketer’s right to slow down traffic, both walking and driving as they cross the picket line.

  • Do not jeopardize your own personal safety to cross the picket line.

  • Individuals are responsible for their own personal safety.

  • Be calm and cautious.

  • Do not take comments personally.

  • Avoid confrontation or provocation. 

  • Do not try to bully your way through the line. 

  • Don’t react or respond to rhetoric.

  • Recognize stress levels are high.

  • Avoid a win/lose attitude.

If there are incidents on the picket line, individuals should call the Human Resources Hotline 905-575-2354 for assistance.