15:05 PM

Carpool to Win with Smart Commute Hamilton

Have you seen the price at the pumps lately?

If you drive a vehicle you know how much it costs to fill up the tank these days. You've also probably thought about how you can save money on gas by taking advantage of alternative modes of transport like taking the bus or riding a bike, or maybe you've thought about carpooling.

Smart Commute wants you to consider carpooling too and they've made a website that helps connect commuters with others looking to form a carpool.

To encourage commuters to join, Smart Commute is holding a Carpool-to-Win contest. It's quick and easy to enter. Simply login to Carpoolzone.ca and keep your profile active. Commuters who register and keep their profiles active will be eligible to win a $100 Milestones gift certificate. 

For more information including other ways you can win check our the Carpool-to-Win website.