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What do design thinking, entrepreneurship, assistive technology and drones have in common?

More than you think- they are all topics that Mohawk faculty and staff will be studying over the next ten months.

The Applied Research and Innovation in Education (ARIE) Fund supports faculty and staff research and innovation activities at Mohawk College. Funding will support projects that focus on applied research, teaching and learning, and entrepreneurship.

The wide range of projects selected reflect Mohawk’s commitment to continuous innovation in technology and health, to excelling in applied research and to transforming lives through access to education.

The following projects will receive ARIE funding in 2015/2016:

Project: Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Lab Simulation
Project Lead: Chris McCrory, Chemical Engineering
Dean: Tony Thoma
Associate Dean: George Miltenburg

Project: Integrating case-simulation and case-scenario teaching in Ontario Graduate Certificate programs
Project Lead: Lisa Cuncic-Pegg, School of Business
Dean: Piero Cherubini
Associate Dean: Art Domenicucci

Project: Improving CICE students learning and academic outcomes using Assistive Technology
Project Lead: Jennifer Curry Jahnke, Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities
Dean: Jim Vanderveken
Associate Dean: Nair Lacruz

Project: An examination of intercultural skills in students and faculty following service trips to Guatemala and India
Project Lead: Michelle Turan, Human Services
Dean: Paul Armstrong
Associate Dean: Neil McMahon

Project: Designing4Engagement: Design Thinking and Creative Problem Solving in the Program Quality Review Process
Project Lead: Christine Boyko-Head, Centre for Teaching and Learning
Dean: Ted Scott
Managers: Nadine Ogborn, Cebert Adamson

Project: Blended entrepreneurship module
Project Lead: Melanie Sodtka, School of Business
Dean: Piero Cherubini
Associate Dean: Jane Cooper

Project: Cross- disciplinary usage of Drones (sUAV)
Project Lead: Kurt Muller, Media and Entertainment
Dean: Tony Thoma

Project: A technology mediated debriefing module
Project Lead: Christy Taberner, School of Nursing
Dean: Paul Armstrong
Associate Dean: Donna Rawlin

Want to know more about these projects? Stay tuned to MohawkMatters for news and updates. Each week we’ll feature two of the projects and provide ongoing coverage of their progress throughout the year.