11:18 AM

Congratulations Mohawk CE alumni Valerie, Antony and Melissa

Mohawk College's award-winning Advertising students and 500 Public Safety and Security students are looking to earn their marks by making their mark in the community.

First-year students in Mohawk's Public Safety and Security program are required to complete 40 hours of volunteer service in their Community Services course by mid-February 2010. Students are volunteering 20,000 hours because a demonstrated commitment to community involvement is a key component of the hiring criteria for Police Services across Canada. "Our Public Safety and Security Program aims to instil in students the importance of establishing meaningful volunteer relations in their first semester at Mohawk, maintaining that relationship during their two years at the College and continuing that relationship once they graduate into the workforce," says Professor Cheryl Davies.

To recruit students for volunteer projects, please email to pssvolunteers@mohawkcollege.ca.

Third-year students in Mohawk's award-winning Advertising program are looking to put their creative and business skills to work for small business and non-profit clients. The students run Mohawk MCA with supervision from faculty with extensive Advertising industry and agency experience.

At next month's Canadian Marketing Association (CMA) Awards, 16 Mohawk students on 2 creative and 2 business teams will receive national awards for their work. Last year, 2 Mohawk teams won gold and silver at the CMAs in the creative category while another 2 teams won bronze and silver in the marketing category. In the past 11 years, Mohawk Advertising students have won 15 CMA awards.

Mohawk MCA can be contacted by emailing student Account Director Lindsay Durk at lindsay.durk@mohawkcollege.ca.