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Cyber Security Awareness Campaign


This year's Scavenger Hunt winners are...

Cyber Security Awareness Campaign

October is Cyber Security Awareness Month, a time dedicated to raising awareness of data security and the risks to businesses and consumers.

Mohawk stepped up to the challenge this year participating in Cyber Security Awareness Month through an awareness campaign featuring communications, workshops, activities and more to raise awareness in the college.

The college also created an E-Learn course available for Mohawk students and employees and a dedicated webpage designed to be the source of information for the month and throughout the year.

One of the highlights of the month-long awareness campaign was the Scavenger Hunt. Included as a component of the new ongoing Cyber Security Awareness E-Learn course. The hunt was comprised of 23 questions, requiring security knowledge, intuition, common sense and internet investigating.

During the campaign, over 65 people signed up to participate with 3 people successfully met the challenge. A presentation to the winners was Monday, December 5th.

The winners included two students and an employee of Mohawk. Aaron Anckaert, CSAIT Student, Peter Su, CSAIT Student and Shannon Gould, Corporate Reporting Analyst.

The winners of the Scavenger Hunt were awarded Mohawk hats, shirts, reusable water bottle and $25 on their ONE Card PLUS a Cyber Security Badge printed in Mohawk’s 3D printer at the Additive Manufacturing Resource Centre.

Cyber Security Awareness Activities will continue throughout the year as a continuous reminder and to reinforce the message.

The initiative was a collaborative effort which brought many departments across the college working together for the development and execution of the initiative. Departments participating were: Information Technology; Marketing Media; Justice and Wellness; CSAIT; Media and Entertainment; Center for Additive Manufacturing; Vice President of Academics and the Office of the President.