16:00 PM

Discount HSR Passes for all Mohawk College Staff

DTP LogoMohawk College reminds all employees that the College's Sustainability Office offers all faculty and staff the opportunity to save on their daily commute with a 25% discount on monthly HSR transit passes.

While commuters save money on the monthly pass, they will also save the associated costs of arriving in single occupant vehicles – parking, gas, mileage and maintenance – and reduce personal CO2 emissions. The average bus trip will reduce your personal commuting footprint by almost 70%.

Find the form on the Sustainability Office Transportation page, fill it out and bring it to the Campus Store. Your information will be kept on file for future pass purchases. For more information, please contact alan.griffiths@mohawkcollege.ca. You may also visit www.smartcommutehamilton.ca to check out active and alternative transportation programs and guides in the City of Hamilton.