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Earth Hour 2012 Photo Contest winner is Leah Hogan

Earth Hour 2012 winnerThe winner of the Sustainability Office's Earth Hour 2012 Photo Contest is Leah Hogan, Community Outreach Officer, Aboriginal Education & Student Services Department.

The Sustainability Office invited all staff and students to get involved with Earth Hour 2012 by sending a photo of their Earth Hour celebrations. The response was great with nearly 50 submissions received. The winning photo was sent in by Leah Hogan, who participated in the growing global movement for the first time this year.

“We surprised our daughters by inviting their friends over for a pizza dinner,” says Leah. “Just before 8:30 we turned out the lights with candles ready to go, and shouted ‘Happy Earth Hour!’”

With a kick-off worthy of New Year’s Eve, the group started out with a game of Charades and then moved on to a marathon of board games. In addition to conserving energy, Leah says they were also motivated to participate by the opportunity to take some time to enjoy some simple fun with family and friends. “We had so much fun, and we’ll definitely be celebrating again next year.”

Leah has won an Eco-friendly Gift Basket including a reusable water bottle, a travel mug, and a gardening start-up kit. Congratulations Leah! Visit the Sustainability Office website to stay in the loop on other contests, events and ways to get involved. 

Photo: Leah’s daughters Alex and Ashley (left) and their friends Dana and Paige (right) celebrating Earth Hour with flashlights, candles and board games.