11:22 AM

Episode 8: The Extra Mile @ Mohawk podcast

Elyse Pipitone interviews the organizers of Mohawk's annual Popsicle Stick Competition

Why do Matt Shelley, Mario Rojas and Peter Olynyk go the extra mile for Mohawk students? Find out by listening to The Extra Mile @ Mohawk podcast.

Each spring Matt, Mario and Peter cap off the end of the academic year with a bridge-crunching competition for Mohawk students. Open to students from every program, the annual contest sees competitors build and test bridges made from popsicle sticks. There are rules to follow, but at its core the competition is a fun way to show students how structures behave under "pressure". The competition has grown over the past 32 years and now includes Virtual Reality and Drone Racing competitions. For more information about the competition visit: http://popstick.mohawkcollege.ca/popstickframeset.html

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