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Fire Alarms - Do you know what to do?

Fire Alarms

Everyone should be familiar with fire alarm sounds and procedures for the buildings at each campus they may be required to attend. 

Security Services, along with an external fire alarm company monitors the fire alarm system for the Fennell and Stoney Creek Campuses. Security Services is responsible for investigating all fire alarms and coordinating emergency response efforts with the Hamilton Fire Department.

Do you know the fire alarm sounds?

The fire alarm systems at the Fennell and Stoney Creek campuses are two-stage alarm systems.

First Stage

Alert Signal: Slow intermittent beeps

Standby and prepare to leave the building. Listen for announcements and instructions.

Second Stage

Alert Signal: Three fast beeps

Evacuate the building via the nearest safe exit.

What you need to do:

Upon Discovery of Fire:

  • Leave fire area immediately and close doors behind you
  • Pull the nearest fire alarm
  • Evacuate the building via the nearest exit
  • Call Security at 905.575.2003 or call 911 from a safe location

Upon Hearing the Second Stage Alarm Signal:

  • Evacuate the building by the nearest safe exit
  • Close doors behind you
  • Do not use elevators as you could be trapped if the power fails or is switched off
  • Use an alternate route if you encounter smoke
  • If a person with a disability cannot be evacuated from the building, assist them to a fire rated room such as an office or classroom that is away from smoke or fire, as close as possible to an exit. Preference should be given to rooms with two exits and a telephone. Notify Security and/or the Fire Department of their specific location
  • Take up a position away from the building so as not to interfere with emergency personnel
  • Remain outside the building until an "All Clear" has been given by the Fire Department, Security, designated staff and/or Fire Wardens