11:14 AM

Gerald Marshall Centre for Transportation update

Marshall centre pic 3 The Marshall Family will tour the Gerald Marshall Centre for Transportation Thursday morning with President Rob MacIsaac. The Marshall family has donated and raised $1.7 million in support of the Centre at the Mohawk STARRT Institute and in memory of their father.

The Gerald Marshall Centre for Transportation is scheduled to open January 2010 and will train approximately 380 to 420 apprentices annually in 3 programs -- Truck and Coach Apprenticesnhip, Truck Trailer Apprenticeship and Pre-Marshall Centre pic Apprenticeship Truck and Coach.

The Marshall Family has made the second largest private donation in Mohawk's history.

With support from the Marshall Family, the Government of Ontario and ArcelorMittal Dofasco, Mohawk has carried out a $27 million transformation of the STARRT Institute for Skilled Trades, Apprenticeship Resources, Research and Training. Mohawk is the largest trainer of apprentices in Ontario.