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Get a jump on giving feedback: Winter 2011 Student Feedback on Teaching Survey now live on Mocomotion

The Student Feedback on Teaching online survey for the Winter 2011 term is now live and runs to Monday, April 4.  All apprenticeship and post-secondary day students are encouraged to take the survey and let their professors know what they do well and where they could improve in the classroom. Professors and their associate deans get a full report summarizing student feedback at the end of the term.

To complete the survey:

  1. Log on to Mocomotion

  2. Go to the Feedback Channel tab

  3. Click on the Student Feedback on Teaching survey link

For more on the Student Feedback on Teaching survey, carried out every Fall and Winter term, contact Helen Sheridan.

Last Fall, Engineering Technology students had the highest survey completion rate, followed by students from Community & Urban Studies.

Student response rate to the Fall 2010 Student Feedback on Teaching Survey

1st: Engineering Technology

2nd: Community & Urban Studies

3rd: 3-way tie with Health Sciences, Interdisciplinary Studies and Business, Media & Entertainment

4th: Skilled Trades & Apprenticeship (had the highest percentage point increase in student participation over last year).