11:51 AM

ICTC and Mohawk College Case Study Competition

Earlier in the Spring, students from the Advanced Manufacturing e-learning course offered through the Information and Communications Technology Council's WIL Digital program participated in a case study competition organized with Mohawk College. The 16 students were divided into five teams and were challenged with finding a solution for one of two case studies.

The first case study was created by Mohawk College. The students presented their solutions to a group of Mohawk College judges, Dr. Esteve Hassan, Industrial Research Chair for IIOT Applications; Dr. Bilal Momani, Professor of Computer Science; Wayne Visser, Computer Science faculty member; and Dr. Saeed Toosizadeh, Control Engineering, member of IoT Expert Board and AI Advisory Group.

ICTC and Mohawk College Case Study Competition - Information and Communications Technology Council (ictc-ctic.ca)