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Important information for students in Health Sciences and Human Services


Programs: Cardiovascular Technology, Early Childhood Education and ECE Intensive, Occupational Therapist and Physiotherapist Assistant, Pharmacy, Diagnostic Cardiac Sonography, Personal Service Worker, Practical Nursing, Nursing, RPN TO BScN, Autism & Behavioural Science, Concurrent Disorders, Office Admin Medical 3rd Semester

Please read the following information carefully about your CDSP/Medical clearance process. If you do not have a “clearance note” issued, you will not be able to attend the clinical component of your program. It takes minimum 2-3 weeks to complete the CDSP screening process and often longer.

DURING A STRIKE, YOU MUST COMPLETE THIS PROCESS IN THE COMMUNITY such as at a walk in clinic or your family doctor’s office. For a list of walk in clinics, please see our website. Please note, that  walk in clinics and family physician offices may charge you a fee for this service. We do not have any control over this fee.

When you have completed the requirements, you must get formally cleared. The following information will assist you in completing your CDSP/Medical Clearance requirements and getting cleared.

New Student CDSP/Medical Clearance Information Sessions

If you are just starting your CDSP/Medical Clearance process for your clinical or practicum placements, or have questions, please visit any of the following CDSP/Medical Clearance Information Sessions:

  • Monday September 12, 11:30 – 12:30, IAHS Room B102

  • Tuesday September 13, 9:30 – 10:30, IAHS B102

  • Wednesday September 14, 9:30 – 10:30, IAHS B102

  • Thursday September 15, 8:30 AM – 9:30, IAHS B102

  • Friday September 16, 9:30 – 11:30 IAHS B102

  • . . . more to be announced soon

 You may also pick up a Student Information Package for CDSP/Medical Clearance from your academic department.  This guide will give you instructions on completing your CDSP in the community and assist your physician or walk in clinic to complete your CDSP/ Medical Clearance requirements efficiently.

Returning Student Clearance Clinics

Starting the week of September 12, the following “clearance clinics” for RETURNING health science students ONLY will be:

  • Monday September 12, 1-4 pm at IAHS 303

  • Tuesday September 13, 9-12, IAHS 303

  • Tuesday September 13, 12-3 pm at IAHS 202

  • Wednesday September 14,  9-3 IAHS 202

  • Thursday September 15, 12-4 pm at IAHS Room 202

  • Friday  September 16, 9-12, IAHS 303

  • Friday September 16, 12-3, IAHS 202

  • . . . more to be announced soon.

You MUST have the results from your One Step TB Skin Test (performed in the community) with you when you come to the clinic. If you have not done your One Step TB Skin Test yet, please use the information package available from your faculty office on how to get your One Step TB Skin Test completed.

New Student Clearance Clinics

Starting the week of September 19th  we will be running clearance clinics for new students.

If you have completed all of your CDSP requirements in the community,  you can come to any drop in new student clearance clinic and we will clear you or advise you regarding next steps. If you have questions or there have been complications in completing the requirements in the community you may also come to these clinics and we will advise you as to your next steps.

New Student Drop in Clearance Clinics

  • TBD

If you have files with us at Health Services (IAHS or Fennell), you MUST book an appointment so we can have your file on hand. We have limited spaces. All appointments will be on Tuesday and Friday mornings at IAHS (possible Fennell dates TBD).  To book an appointment please:

  • drop into the information sessions (preferred) or email peter.walsh2@mohawkcollege.ca

  • tell us your full name

  • indicate which Health Services location you used (Fennell or IAHS).

  • bring any documents that you have completed in the community to your appointment.

Please watch for details on our website and through your academic department and through Mohawk Matters. We will be updating as new clinic and information sessions become available.

Thank you again for your patience.