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College Student Success Innovation Centre: A Pollinator for Ontario Colleges

The SA-exchange has this article about Mohawk's new College Student Success Innovation Centre (CSSIC), a partnership between Mohawk and the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development. The CSSIC will focus on maximizing student retention and graduation rates, and identifying potential barriers before it's too late.

The Province is investing $650,000 over three years in Mohawk’s College Student Success Innovation Centre, which is located at the Fennell campus. Mohawk is the first college in Canada to open a research centre focused exclusively on student success. Researchers at Mohawkwill collaborate with colleagues at the Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario, McMaster University, the Hamilton-Wentworth and Hamilton-Wentworth Catholic School Boards, the Hamilton Community Foundation, Queen’s University, Waterloo University, University of Ottawa, Stanford University, Wake Forest University and Statistics Canada.

For more on Mohawk’s new College Student Success Innovation Centre, go to www.mohawkcollege.ca/cssic.