11:00 AM

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From Maureen Adamson, Vice President Corporate Services:

I wanted to thank all students and staff for your patience and understanding during Tuesday morning’s flooding and clean-up in C-Wing at our Fennell Campus. 

The flood was triggered by intense and record rainfall in Hamilton. Making a bad situation worse was the installation of a new air handling system for Food Services that required an opening in part of the roof over C-Wing.

Facilities Services and Security staff responded immediately to secure the area, eliminate the source of the flooding and begin remediation. Thanks to their efforts, the clean-up was completed by Tuesday evening and our cafeteria and all of C-Wing reopened Wednesday morning. Within two hours of the flood, contractors were able to resume their renovation and expansion work in our cafeteria. The College has also taken provisions to reduce the risk of flooding in the future. Most important, there were no injuries or accidents during the flood or clean-up.

Again, thanks to all students and staff for your understanding and support.