09:55 AM

In the news: Soldier's home decorated

McMaster University's Faculty of Engineering Technology pays tribute to Ishwar Singh, who is set to retire at the end of the month after serving as associate director of Four-Year Bachelor of Technology Programs and chair, Process Automation, for the McMaster-Mohawk Bachelor of Technology Partnership.

Ishwar first retired in 2004 after teaching at Mohawk College for 35 years.  But, very shortly after, he was called back to create a program for the rapidly growing field of process automation.  That effort would become one of the founding pieces of the new Bachelor of Technology (BTech) degree program launched by McMaster University and Mohawk College. In just four years, the BTech program boasts more than 800 students, equally divided between the four-year undergraduate program and the degree-completion program for technologists and international professionals.

“Ishwar was a standout in getting BTech up and running,” said David Wilkinson, dean, Faculty of Engineering at McMaster.  “He developed a good relationship with McMaster and helped to marry the best of what a university brings and a college brings into the program.  We owe him a debt of gratitude.”