16:21 PM

Innovative program gives students skills to get jobs in green energy sector

DSCN0069 Twenty-six students in Mohawk College's first-ever Solar Panel Installer Certificate program  are set to graduate this Friday, marking an end to the innovative 8-week course that provides students with the skills needed to start a career in the green energy sector.

Graduates of the program, not only possess the knowledge and skills required to install solar panels on residential or commercial buildings, but also have a basic understanding of roofing, welding and other construction techniques. The additional skills will help the students market themselves to employers in the growing green energy sector and could lead to employment in other industries such as roofing or construction.

The program was designed in conjunction with the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities, Mohawk College, E-Gen, the Niagara Peninsula Aboriginal Area Management Board (NPAAMB), Generation Seven Consulting, and the Ontario Sustainable Energy Association. All 26 students from the program come from the local Aboriginal community, including Niagara and Hamilton.