13:56 PM

Insurance students give Wesley Urban Ministries' toque campaign a boost

The Insurance Students of Mohawk College gave Wesley Urban Ministries a much needed boost to the kick-off of their annual Toque campaign. The students raised $4,128.53 that was presented to Wesley by Insurance Club Member Terrance Potticary. The donation was almost hald of what Wesley received in its 2009 campaign. 

Wesley's annual Toque campaign is in partnership with Raising the Roof, Canada's only national charity dedicated to long term solutions to homelessness. The Toque-selling campaign creates nation-wide awareness of the issue of homelessness with a number of public relations and fundraising events across the country starting early in the year and culminating on "Toque Tuesday" - Tuesday, February 8, 2011. This year's Toque Campaign Launch was held on Tuesday, Dec. 7, at Mountain Secondary School.

The campaign is designed to get people talking about homelessness while generating funds for Raising the Roof’s partner agencies who are addressing homelessness on a community level.