11:17 AM

"It's our son's happy place."


Mohawk's Multi-sensory Lab fills a need for families living with autism.

"We’d be here every day, all day if we could. Our son Luke has autism and developmental delays. He was no longer eligible for most programs and services when he turned 18 years old. So it’s been a challenge to find suitable places for Luke. We’d been going to an out-of-town multi-sensory room that we had to share with other families. A caseworker suggested we check out the multi-sensory lab at Mohawk. It’s our son’s happy place. Luke loves going there. We get the room to ourselves. Lab technologist Kaela Millar does a fantastic job of picking up on Luke’s verbal cues and helps him settle down. Kaela’s not related to us but she’s like family. Luke’s explored every inch of the lab which is a good sign. It shows he’s comfortable there. Luke is calm and relaxed after our weekly sessions at Mohawk and we all get a good sleep for one night a week. The lab puts a smile on Luke’s face and that puts a smile on our faces too.”

–Proud Parent Heather Millar