14:19 PM

Launch of Explore Virtual & Remote Learning website

The Explore Virtual Remote Learning website, a precursor to the Student Onboarding Resource scheduled to launch in early August, was launched this week. Intended for new and returning students, the site provides important information on what students can expect as they prepare for the Fall 2020 semester.

The Explore Virtual Remote Learning website features:

  1. welcome messages to students, explaining what they can expect as they look forward to their fall term,
  2. student and faculty testimonial videos of how virtual and remote learning has been worked into the classroom,
  3. outline resources and supports available for students learning virtually,
  4. information about virtual and remote learning, including the benefits to students,
  5. and technology requirements and recommendations, to help students prepare for a virtual and remote learning environment.

Also in development is a resource page for students to learn how their program of study will be offered for the Fall 2020 semester. The page will be linked from the Explore Virtual Remote Learning site and provide a comprehensive list of all programs being offered. It will explain whether the program will be offered entirely in a virtual/remote delivery, or require some in-person and on-campus experiences.

The site also links to the COVID-19 student resource and return to campus webpages for a comprehensive overview at what students can expect in September.

In addistion, the Student Onboarding Resource, “Future Ready Toolkit” will be launched in early August.