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Lockdown Drills to take place at Mohawk's Fennell, STARRT and Brantford Campuses this week

What: Emergency Lockdown Drills

Where: Fennell,
Brantford (Elgin) and STARRT campuses

When: Week
of Sept. 17 – Sept. 21, 2012


Mohawk College is committed to making our campuses
safe for students, staff and visitors. As part of this commitment, the college
will be holding a series of Emergency Lockdown
at the Fennell, Brantford and STARRT campuses between Monday, Sept. 17, and Friday, Sept. 21,

The Emergency Lockdown Drills are needed
to test the college’s revised emergency response plan and lockdown procedures,
particularly at the Fennell Campus where recent renovations have significantly
changed the interior layout of the campus buildings. The drills will help identify areas where plans
and procedures can be improved and
provides a good opportunity to test department specific plans developed in the

During the drills, please follow the
actions listed on both the Quick Reference Card http://www.mohawkcollege.ca/Assets/Security+and+Parking/Emergency+Evacuation+Procedures.pdf.
This information is also available in the college’s Emergency Lockdown Procedure:

is a good idea to download and carry the Quick Reference Card with you so you
are prepared for the drill. Additional
copies of the card will be made available at the Library and Student Services
locations at each campus.

following is a description of how the drills will be carried out at each


  • For each campus on the morning of the drill there will be a
    message alerting staff and students that a Lockdown Drill will be taking place on
    that day; however, the exact time will not be given. This is being done to make
    the drill as authentic as possible and improve the quality of data collected by
    the observers.

  • Five minutes prior to the start of the drill, there will be a
    5-minute warning that is broadcast on the campus PA system. This message will
    be repeated several times.

  • The warning will be followed by a recorded message indicating that
    an emergency lockdown is in place and that it is only a drill.

  • Upon hearing the announcement students and staff are asked to
    follow the procedures listed on the Quick Reference Card.

  • Once the drill is complete, the “All Clear” will be given over the
    campus PA system, and you may return to your normal activities.

you for your patience and understanding. The college realizes that drills of
this nature can be an unwanted distraction, but they are needed to maintain the
highest level of safety and security for our students, staff and visitors. The drills also
provide a good learning opportunity for participants to become informed about
the procedures.

you are a student or staff member at Mohawk’s IAHS Campus at McMaster or the Mohawk
Laurier (Odeon) Campus in Brantford, please note that the emergency response
procedures may be different at these locations. Please refer to the links below
for more information:

University: http://security.mcmaster.ca/campus_emergencies.html

Laurier University: http://www.wlu.ca/page.php?grp_id=1150&p=13253