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Making Education Accessible with Mohawk College.

From Hamilton Health Sciences SHARE webpage

Monika Skarrat has always wanted a meaningful career.

Several years ago, she was working as an adult educator and preparing to start a family. But when she was pregnant with her first child, she got laid off. After her maternity leave, she and her husband crunched the numbers and realized that the jobs she was looking at didn’t pay enough to cover the cost of child care.

She now has two kids, ages three and five, and is eager to return to the workforce. So when she read that City School by Mohawk College was partnering with Hamilton Health Sciences (HHS) for a month long Introduction to Health and Wellness course, the decision was a no-brainer. “When the opportunity came along, and it was free,” says Skarrat, “I jumped.”


City School by Mohawk is a community-based initiative that aims to break down barriers to education and employment. It works with community partners to develop specialized training programs that encourage gradual steps to a postsecondary pathway. Their two campuses at the Eva Rothwell Centre and the Hamilton Public Library’s central branch aim to make education accessible to all young people...read more