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Media release: High marks and above average scores for Mohawk College in province-wide student survey

HAMILTON (April 13, 2011) -- Mohawk College has earned high marks and above average scores in the latest province-wide student satisfaction survey.

Results from the 2010 Key Performance Indicator (KPI) survey show the majority of Mohawk students are satisfied or very satisfied with the quality of learning, programs, facilities and services offered at their college. On eight key measures, Mohawk posted across-the-board increases from last year’s survey results and finished above the provincial average for Ontario’s 24 colleges. On quality of services and facilities, Mohawk posted the largest percentage point increase of any Ontario college.

“Mohawk is a college on the move and the scores we’ve earned from students confirm that we’re moving in the right direction,” said President Rob MacIsaac. The largest renewal project in Mohawk’s history is underway at the Fennell Campus to create new places and better spaces for students. In January, the Mohawk Learning Exchange with the new Harold Cummings Library & Collaboratory, opened on time, on budget and accident free. Renovations are currently underway to turn the old library at the Fennell Campus into a new, one-stop centre for student services and consolidate services currently offered at 17 different locations across the campus.

The renewal of the Fennell Campus follows a $27 million transformation of the college’s skilled trades campus in Stoney Creek. Mohawk has also made a commitment to relocate programs from the Elgin Street Campus in Brantford and build a reputation as Ontario’s leading college for health and technology education.

“Our goal is to have quality facilities and services that are equal to the calibre of our faculty and staff,” said MacIsaac. “Whether it’s in the classroom, on the frontlines or behind-the-scenes, we have a team dedicated to delivering a quality education and a great college experience to every student.”

Since 1998, colleges have been mandated by the Ontario government to collect and report performance data. The survey of all full-time students at Ontario’s 24 colleges is carried out by an independent research company. Full survey results are posted online on the Colleges Ontario website at: http://www.collegesontario.org/outcomes/key-performance-indicators.html

Mohawk College serves 16,000 full-time and apprenticeship students, as well as 1,000 international students and 42,000 continuing education registrants. More than 85,000 future-ready students have graduated from Mohawk, with the majority continuing to work, live and make a difference in the Greater Hamilton Area.

2010 Key Performance Indicator Survey Result Highlights                                                                                             

  • 87.6 per cent of students agree or strongly agree that Mohawk provides them with the knowledge and skills for their future career (87.1 per cent provincial average) 

  • 86.3 per cent graduate employment rate (83 per cent provincial average)

  • 81.1 per cent of students agree or strongly agree that Mohawk offers quality programs (80.2 per cent provincial average)

  • 79.5 per cent graduate satisfaction rate (79.1 per cent provincial average)

  • 79.3 per cent overall student satisfaction (76.1 per cent provincial average, 5.8 percentage point improvement from last year’s KPI results)

  • 74.8 per cent of students agree or strongly agree that Mohawk has quality facilities and resources (68.8 per cent provincial average, 9.1 percentage point improvement from last year’s KPI results)

  • 73.8 per cent of students agree or strongly agree that Mohawk delivers quality services (68.1 per cent provincial average, 9.1 percentage point improvement from last year’s KPI results)