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Mohawk Advertising Students Sweep NACs


5th straight year for gold medal win at NACs

Mohawk Advertising students swept the National Advertising Challenge with gold, silver and bronze.

First-year Advertising students, Shem Joslyn and Nika Salazar-Johnson won gold and a paid internship at a Toronto agency. It was the fifth straight year that Mohawk has won gold in the student category. Second-year students Hussein Rumaithi and Angelica Carreno took the silver and merit categories, and second-year students Zachary Kumaczow and Allison Boyd won bronze.

All of this winners were competing against more seasoned students, says Advertising professor Jef Petrossi. Mohawk students have historically been at a disadvantage at this competition, he says because all third-year students are away on placement and unable to compete.

To see the full results of the competition visit: https://nationaladvertisingchallenge.com/winners/



Hussein Rumaithi (Year 2), Zach Kumaczow (Year 2), Rafael Ferreira, Allison Boyd (Year 2), Shem Joslyn (Year 1), Angelica Carreno (Year 2), Jef Petrossi

Missing from photo Nikka Salazar-Johnson who couldn’t attend the event.