09:25 AM

Mohawk Applied Research experts release a white paper on how to use 3D Printing for low volume production.

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Mohawk College’s Additive Manufacturing Innovation Centre (AMIC) has released a white paper that will help Candian manufacturing discover when additive manufacturing makes sense for low-volume production- and when it doesn't.

“Beyond the prototype: Opportunities for additive manufacturing in low-volume production” is a free 20-page resource developed using the AMIC’s team’s applied research expertise in additive manufacturing. It was designed as a tool for manufacturers to use to decide before investing in additive technology for production runs of new products.

A leading research centre in metal additive manufacturing, AMIC provides designers and manufacturers with a collaborative applied research environment in which to explore the technology on an industrial scale. The Centre’s focus is on supporting the industrial adoption of advanced manufacturing and industry 4.0 technologies for increased efficiency and better product design.

Download the white paper.