10:38 AM

Mohawk Child and Youth Care program receives national accreditation

- 1 of 10 programs accredited across Canada -

Mohawk College’s Child and Youth Care Advanced Diploma program has been officially accredited by The Child and Youth Care Educational Accreditation Board of Canada, one of only 10 programs in Canada to receive this recognition.

“We are very proud to have received accreditation of our program. The faculty and field placement specialists did an amazing job preparing for this process,” said Kim Ann Laush, Associate Dean, Department of Community Studies. “This designation demonstrates Mohawk’s commitment to the highest standard of training for our Child and Youth Care students, for their benefit and for the benefit of their future employers and the families they will be serving.”

Mohawk College CYC teamThe three-year Child and Youth Care Advanced Diploma trains students in prevention, intervention and treatment strategies to facilitate a positive change in children, youth and their families, who experience a range of social, emotional and behavioural challenges. The program offers students more than 1000 hours of practical experience in diverse field placements and provides support from both faculty and field placement specialists.

The CYCEAB, with a membership consisting of 30 Canadian post-secondary institutions, is charged with the accreditation of child and youth care post-secondary programs. CYCAB accreditation activities document efforts to be accountable to children, youth, and families; to students; and to the profession.

The CYCEAB uses a model that focuses on program outcomes with the intent that graduate outcomes will ultimately affect the quality of life and quality of care received by young people who are served by child and youth care practitioners. Accreditation contributes to high-quality education and consistently high standards of professional practice in a variety of manners.

A full description of the accreditation process and the 10 programs accredited in Canada, visit https://cycaccreditation.ca//